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Meifubao Awarded 2011 “特许经营商店产品” Top 10 Brands



     2011年是质量的一年,消费者对产品质量提出了更高的要求。为了实现消费者对日常产品质量的看法,“深圳市晚报”和广东360广告有限公司联合举行“2011年十大品牌,来自消费者的最高信任” activity, and top 10 brands in washing, hair care, color makeup and cosmetics are selected by consumers, Meifubao brand, with excellent brand foundation and quality products, earned high praise from domestic consumers and franchised stores, and awarded the 2011年十大品牌,来自消费者的最高信任 --- “特许经营商店产品” Top 10 Brands.